Q: What is the OnlyTrust Exchange Pool?
A: The exchange pool was created and designed to prevent massive losses. For each Crypto-NFT purchased, 65% of the revenue from the purchased Crypto-NFTs will be used to purchase the original Bitcoin which will be placed into the pool. The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT owners will be able to exchange their Crypto-NFTs for a portion of the pool based on the total number of Crypto-NFTs in circulation. This provides a floor price to each Crypto-NFT that will increase every time the Crypto-NFTs are sold or when the price of Bitcoin increases. When the Bitcoin price rises, the value of The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT will also rise. Imagine putting aside some of your hard-earned money into savings, this is what we do with the sale of every NFT. Additional information will be available after Initial NFT offering (INO) is complete.

Q: Who is OnlyTrust LLC?
A: OnlyTrust LLC runs an NFT marketplace platform, it is the world’s first global marketplace for a revolutionary new product, the Crypto-NFT.

Q: Where is OnlyTrust LLC based?
A: OnlyTrust LLC is a United States company based in the state of Idaho.

Q: What is an NFT?
A: NFTs are “Non-Fungible Tokens” which are a special kind of crypto asset where each token is unique as opposed to “Fungible Tokens” like Bitcoin or fiat currencies which are all identical and worth the same amount. NFTs can be viewed and verified on the public blockchain.

Q: Is a Crypto-NFT a Non-Fungible Token?
A: Yes every Crypto-NFT is minted with a unique serial number assigned to each NFT. No two are the same similar to concert tickets with assigned seating that are sold as NFTs, each has a separate seat and area assigned to it.

Q: Why are NFTs important?
A: Think of each Crypto-NFT as a digital asset with a certificate of authenticity for each global Crypto-NFT digital asset and they can be verified on the public blockchain.

Q: Once I purchase a Crypto-NFT from OnlyTrust’s marketplace platform can I resell it on OnlyTrust’s marketplace?
A: Yes, OnlyTrust will allow you to relist your NFT on it’s platform after all of The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT from the creator are sold out, making it fair for everyone. Credit card and debit card purchase methods will not be available when purchasing NFTs listed for resell.

Q: Can I sell my Crypto-NFT on other marketplaces that offer listing services for NFTs?
A: Yes you can sell your NFT on any marketplace you choose that allows the listing of existing NFTs for sale and supports our ERC-721 token on the Polygon Network.

Q: Do I need a wallet to purchase a Crypto-NFT from OnlyTrust’s marketplace?
A: Yes, once you purchase a Crypto-NFT from OnlyTrust’s marketplace your NFT will be transferred to your wallet. You will need a MetaMask wallet setup to receive the Crypto-NFT you’ve purchased. See more information at https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015489531-Getting-started-with-MetaMask.

Q: What cryptocurrency payment options does OnlyTrust’s marketplace offer when purchasing Crypto-NFTs?
A: You can add cryptocurrency to your MetaMask wallet and pay with it. Or you can pay with Fortmatic, Coinbase (Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD Coin) for cryptocurrency payments.

Q: Does OnlyTrust’s marketplace accept Credit Cards for payments?
A: Yes in most cases, but not all (supported countries:  https://stripe.com/global ), OnlyTrust will take Credit Cards for payments. Stripe is the merchant providing payments via Credit Cards please refer to Stripe guidelines for more information.

Q: What are OnlyTrust’s marketplace fees?
A: OnlyTrust charges a 2.5% listing fee when users sell NFTs via their marketplace. A minting fee will apply when purchasing a new NFT from a creator. Any other fees are based on the payment method utilized.

Q: Will OnlyTrust marketplace only charge the 2.5% listing and selling fee on their NFT marketplace?
A: OnlyTrust marketplace reserves the right to change it’s fees pertaining to the sale of Crypto-NFTs on their platform at any time, including the future addition of buyer’s fees after the Initial NFT offering (INO).

Q: What blockchain is used for the Crypto-NFTs sold on OnlyTrust’s marketplace?
A: The Polygon network is utilized for The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFTs (ERC-721) and The Wall Street Bitcoin tokens (ERC-20) that are used as collateral for the Crypto-NFTs.

Q: Are there any royalty fees charges by the OnlyTrust marketplace?
A: OnlyTrust is a peer-to-peer marketing platform, they do not charge royalty fees. Any royalty fees charges are up to the creators of the NFTs.

Q: Once I purchase a Crypto-NFT from the OnlyTrust marketplace how long will it take to show up in my wallet?
A: The time frame for the Crypto-NFT to show up in your MetaMask wallet can be minutes for small purchases or hours for large purchases. Once payment has been processed and approve the Crypto-NFT will be minted and transferred to your wallet.

Q: What guarantees does the OnlyTrust marketplace offer?
A: OnlyTrust’s marketplace is the worlds first Crypto-NFT marketplace. Investing in cryptocurrency and NFTs has some risks of losing money on your investments. We offer peer-to-peer services and do not endorse any product or service. You as a buyer should seek legal and tax advice before investing in any kind of opportunity. You as a buyer are responsible for doing all your own due diligence.