The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT

The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT

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The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT is the most exciting NFT to hit the NFT marketplace. It was created to combine the cryptocurrency markets and the NFT markets creating a completely new and unique product called The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto NFT. This new product will completely revolutionize the NFT markets. Only 5,250,000 The Wall Street Bitcoins token were created and offered as collateral by the creator for The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFTs. These tokens are stored in a digital vault located at OnlyTrust and can be verified on the public blockchain. Each of The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto NFTs are unique due to each of them being minted with a different serial number which is verifiable on the public blockchain. Ownership and transfers of the NFTS are also viewable on the public blockchain. No creator royalty fees. See for more information.

  • A whole new asset class
  • No other NFT in the world offers you so many different options like The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypo-NFT
  • Think of it as an insurance policy if the crypto markets crash
  • Designed to be listed and sold on multiple NFT marketplaces
  • Exchange your The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT for the original Bitcoin from the OnlyTrust Exchange pool to prevent total loss

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